Online Training

An online personal trainer can provide you all of the services of “in person” Personal Training. At Centerfit we pride ourselves on making customized training programs that fit your needs and goals, they are simple to follow, and full of all the information you need to be successful.

We are committed to delivering a quality of service equal to that of “in person” Personal Training with the added benefits of convenience and savings. The cost for online services are significantly lower than “in person” services, and you can complete the program from anywhere you want—at the gym, at home, at your office, or on the road!

Since your trainer will not be with you during your workouts to answer your questions in the moment, you can use the message system of our app to send us questions 24-7. And since your trainer will not be present to show you exercise form, we have a video attached to every exercise in the app, allowing you to know exactly what you need to do. There are many other benefits of our service and the app we use, you can track your workouts and progress, and the app allows your trainer to see how your workouts have been going - to either help keep you on track, or to progress your workouts further



For individuals new to a regular workout routine. You will receive a new workout each week / 4 different workouts for the month. This plan is perfect for the individual looking to have some accountability but not wanting to be overwhelmed by too many different exercises.

Monthly Subscription - $149/month

12 week Program - $375



For individuals with some experience in working out looking for a little more variety in their program. You will receive two new workouts each week/ 8 different workouts for the month.

Monthly Subscription - $249/month

12 week Program - $599



Our most comprehensive plan. This is for the individual looking to get the biggest bang for their effort. Each week you will receive 4-5 different workouts (goal dependent). This package includes much more variety, and the ability to specifically work through the phases/periods of your training plan.

Monthly Subscription - $399/month

12 week Program - $899

**Homework Packages/Subscriptions with app access are available to current Centerfit clients that train "in person" on a regular/weekly basis and range between $50-75/month